£1840 in 3 weeks! Janes Story and how to make money online

Jane stumbled upon a charming old Gibson electric guitar on eBay. As an impulsive buyer and a music enthusiast, she snatched it for a mere £150. Two years down the line, as she was decluttering, an idea sparked. Instead of selling the guitar back on eBay or in a garage sale, why not raffleit on FunGiraffle.com?



A New Way to Profit with FunGiraffle

For those who aren't familiar with our unique platform, FunGiraffle.com is a dynamic and user-friendly online raffle platform. With just a single click, users can sign up and set up a raffle for virtually any item they wish to part with. The structure is brilliant! Sellers can establisha reserve price, ensuring they never run at a loss. If the ticket sales don't reach the reserve, sellers can choose to default, making it a risk-free venture.


Jane, being savvy, set her reserve at £200. Given the quality and appeal of her Gibson, she breezed past this benchmark within a matter of days! By the end of the three-week raffle period, she'd made an astounding 370 ticket sales. And yes, you guessed it right, she pocketed a cool £1840!


The FunGiraffle Advantage

Reaching out to a vast audience was the game-changer for Jane. FunGiraffle.com provided her a platform where she could tap into a vast market, unimaginable on platforms like eBay. Jane remarked, "On FunGiraffle, not only did I make more than I ever expected, but the process was seamless, and I didn't have to worry about making a loss."


Your Turn to Shine

Are you holding onto something valuable, nostalgic, or just quirky enough to be raffled? Take a leaf out of Jane's book. Sign up onFunGiraffle.com and weave your success story. Today might be the day you uncover a treasure trove in your attic or garage. After all, one man's trash can be another man's jackpot!

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