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The magic of cinema has always captivated us, bringing stories to life and communities together. This weekend, in collaboration with Chris Schofield, proudly co-hosted the debut of the Cinema Club at Cliviger Village Hall in Burnley, where the timeless classic 'Edward Scissorhands' was showcased. has always been at the forefront of supporting local charities and non-profits. Our vision aligns with creating spaces where the community can come together for a good cause. This Cinema Club event was no exception. With a sell-out crowd, and a bustling concession stand before and after the movie, we were thrilled to see such enthusiasm. But it wasn’t just about the film. The post-show discussion gave attendees an opportunity to dive deep into their interpretations and insights about the movie.

And here's some fantastic news for all film enthusiasts out there: the overwhelming success of this event means Chris will be hosting the Cinema Club every month. Not just this, there are also plans in the pipeline to turn these events into a mini film festival showcasing local independent films. How exciting is that?

If you're a cinephile or budding filmmaker, don't miss their spooktacular Halloween-themed event coming this October. For more details and to stay updated, be sure to check out their Facebook group here:

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Support cinema, support local causes, and join us in making a difference. See you at the next Cinema Club event!

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