Monetising a Brand WITHOUT alienating your Following

Everyone wants to earn some extra money online but for some, it’s their bread and butter! If you are one of those lucky few who have a social media following (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube), you may be considering how you can make that small, brand-destroying leap to monetisation.

Not all followers take kindly to pushy nordVPN promos or the cringe ex-LoveIsland, charcoal toothpaste promotions (both great products BTW!).  So how else can you bring home the bacon without alienating your following?

Well, of course, as this is a FunGiraffle blog, I’m talking about RAFFLES! Sweepstakes, lotteries, competitions the whole shebang!

That sounds simple enough but the barrier for influencers in the UK is a LEGALMINEFIELD.  Raffles, lotteries, and chance-based competitions must be licensed by the gambling commission, and all require specific randomisation assurances to guarantee a fair game.  With breaches incurring BOTH fines and imprisonment (£5000 and 51 weeks). Surely, they can’t catch everyone, but it's a scary enough disincentive to make any real money.

This is where I push our service, shameless I know. You can host your competitors on! not only is it safe, fair, easy, and legal, but you can reach a far wider audience to maximise your returns.

Product ideas can range from unique, low-cost, signed memorabilia and personalised Swag (like a signed t-shirt or painting), to highly valued prizes like a PS5 or iPad.  Remember you can set a reserve price, so if you want to guarantee a winner and celebrate them on your platform you can, or you can set a reserve price to the value of the prize and guarantee a profit, with no risk of a loss.

*Additionally, if you have a following of at least 2000 on any social platform, you could receive an influencer bonus (retaining 95% of ticket sales, over the standard 90%). Just message our Client Outreach Manager at [email protected].  We may even promote your raffle on our featured page.

So, make some money, help a charity, and reward your followers at no cost to your wallet or brand. 

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