Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about this in public but internally we’ve discussed it more than anything else. Our slogan is DULL!

Currently, our slogan just represents our mission statement. At the heart of every decision, we consider how we can better help sellers make money, how we can improve the prizes and value to contestants, and how we can better support charity:

MakeMoney, Win Prizes, Help Charity

Hmm.  It doesn’t roll off the tongue, sounds more like a Boris Johnson lockdown campaign. This completely goes against the bare basics of a good slogan, it’s not short or snappy.

“What else you got?”

Oneidea we had was to adapt and pre-existing phrase, it’ll keep it memorable and meaningful.  Paying it Forward’ works, to respond to kindness by being kind to others. The users make money or win prizes and in turn, they help charities.PERFECT! Now how do we incorporate prize competitions into it:

Winning Forward

Yea? Does that make sense? You’re not paying for anything you are winning, and in turn, others are benefitting too. I like it, I think. No? it’s just not snappy. I’m not a fan. It’s not good. It’s Terrible and I hate it!

“OK, something else.”

It shouldn’t be this hard, we just need a short, snappy, and meaningful phrase that embodies FunGiraffle.  C’mon, FunGiraffle, let’s brainstorm, FunGiraffle, FunGiraffle…

“Are you saying ‘Fund Your Raffle’?” no FunGiraffle

“It sounds like your saying ‘Fund Your Raffle’

Wait, is that it?

FundYour Raffle with

Fantastic, it works! It’s short, snappy, and has a connection to our brand. The only small issue I have is that IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING! What the fudge does fund your raffle mean!? How can you fund a raffle? Does FunGiraffle ‘fund’ raffles? Just buy the domain and move on.

Ok so for now we’re stuck where we are.  But if you have any supportive recommendations, please feel free to torture our Brand Manager at [email protected].

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