What We Do

FunGiraffle.com is a zero-risk, multi-vendor prize competition platform. What does that mean?

Well, we are a raffle platform, but we do not host the raffles, other users do.  Much like how eBay is a platform for users to host their own auctions, we allow users to host their own raffles. All you need to do is sign up to start making money online.  We are the only Raffle website that has no limit on ticket sales, meaning there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

Additionally, we are the only raffle website that allows you to set a reserve price, eliminating any risk of not making a profit. This means, if you raffle a prize worth £100, you can set your reserve to £150; if you don’t make enough sales to meet the reserve, the raffle defaults and you do not have to award the prize, but you keep 10% of ticket sales made (this is to encourage ambitious marketing of your raffles).

You can also enter raffles and competitions and win fantastic prizes. The structure does not limit the number of tickets you can buy or competitions you can enter. And if you win a raffle that does not reach its reserve price, we will compensate you 80% of all ticket sales! For example, if you enter a raffle for £1 to win a bike, and the total ticket sales reach £100, but the reserve is £150, we will credit your account with £80!

Finally, we are the only Raffle platform that is dedicated to supporting charities.  Aside from admin fees, the small commission that is taken from each ticket sale, in every raffle, goes directly to charities. Charities are chosen by you, the user. Each raffle will state which charity is benefiting from the raffle and what percentage will be donated from the ticket sales.


Our mission statement and every decision we make have our 3 core values at their focus.

  • Support sellers to increase earnings and make money
  • Build value and enjoyment for contestants to win great prizes
  • Help charities through donations and engagement

Make money, Win Prizes, Help Charity

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