Is it legal to host raffles without having a gambling license? Yes. All competitions on our website are classed as "prize competitions", which are not regulated by the gambling comission. That is why every competitor will have to answer a multiple choice quiz question before purchasing a ticket.
What if I dont make enough ticket sales to cover the price of the prize? You will set a minimum reserve for ticket sale earnings when you set up the competition. If you do not sell enough tickets to meet this reserve, you are given the option to cancel the competition, and you are not obligated to award the prize, but you may not receive any of the ticket earnings.
What is stopping a seller setting a high reserve to avoid awarding a prize? There is no financial incentive to continually cancel or default on competitions. Additionally every reserve will be reviewed by admin or automated based of the value of the prizes that are indexed. Finally, for users that have defaulted several times, admin will review their competition history and either issue a warning, a suspension or ban the user from the platform.
What happens when a raffle is cancelled? If the competition is cancelled the winner will receive 80% of ticket earnings or a full refund on their ticket purchases (which ever is higher). The remaining earnings will be distributed to the site, charity and the seller (if eligible).
What is the minimum I can deposit and withdraw? You can deposit as little as £5 and you can withdraw any amount above £10.
What happens if I don't receive my prize? You have two weeks to inform us that you have not received you prize. From here we will contact the seller for evidence of delivery, if none can be provided you will receive 75% of ticket earnings. If we are not informed within these two weeks we will assume that the prize has been received and we will distribute the ticket earnings to the seller.
I have dispatched the item but the winner is claiming they have not received the item. What should I do? Inform us of the situation and provide any evidence you can of the item being dispatched. We would always recommend paying for tracked delivery and insurance is available. If the winner has collected the item or you have delivered the item in person, we highly recommend taking a photo of the item with the winner as evidence. This will help our investigation. If no evidence can be provided then we may not issue any of the ticket earnings to you.
What can I list as a prize? You can list anything as a prize as long as it does not fall into the below categories: Alcohol Weapons or accessories (including ammunition) Drugs or Medicine Live animals counterfeit items stolen goods Pornography Illegal services Illegal items to possess or sell Crypto currency Bullion (Gold or Silver) Cash of any currency
Why do I have to provide ID? It is a legal requirement to implement a strict anti-money laundering (AML) policy for any service where you can earn money, such as We only use these details to validate you identity and will never store your details (collected for AML purposes), or share your details with anyone.
Is there a limit to how many tickets I can sell for any one raffle? No. You can sell unlimited tickets for any competition.
Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy? No. You can buy unlimited tickets for any one raffle.
Is there a limit on the ticket price I set? Currently no. However, to remain attractive to competitors we would always recommend setting a reasonable price. Remember, if you host several raffles that you end up having to cancel due to low ticket sales, we will issue a warning and may suspend or ban your account. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Can I get a refund on my ticket purchase? If the competition has expired then unfortunately not. If the competition is still active then we may be able to issue a refund on a case by case basis. First you will need to e-mail admin and providing the raffle details you want a refund for at [email protected].
Am I eligible to compete in raffles? You are eligible to compete if you are: Not located in a jurisdiction where it is illegal to compete in prize competitions 18 years old or over signed up and registered with
Can I sell my ticket? No. Tickets are not exchangeable.
Can I exchange my prize for ticket earnings? No. We only issue ticket earnings to the winner in the case of a default or a cancelation as compensation.
Why has my competition been cancelled? We may cancel a competition without warming if it breaches our terms and conditions in any way. We will provide an explanation why in an e-mail sent to the address you provided.
Does share my data with third parties? No. We store your data for internal use only and will never share your data with a third party.
Is a charity? No, but we do pride ourselves on helping charities, clubs and societies to raise money.
I have lost my ticket number, how can I see my active tickets? You can find your ticket purchase history and your active tickets by logging into and navigating to "Ticket Purchases".
How do I collect my prize? Every competition will be listed as collection or delivery. For delivery competitions, the seller will dispatch the prize to your address that you provided. For collection competitions, you will be given the contact details and address of the seller, to organise collection of the prize.
I have won a raffle but my address is wrong. Can I get my prize delivered to the correct address? When you win a competition you will be given the contact details of the seller. You should contact the seller as soon as possible to inform them of the change of address before then send the prize. If they have already sent the prize to the wrong address you will need to ask the seller to contact the currier to see if an emergency change of address is possible. Failing this you may need to speak to the occupant of the listed address. will do everything we can to help, but it is your responsibility to ensure your address and contact details are up to date and accurate.
Why do I have to give 1% of my profits to Charity when I host a raffle? When hosting a raffle you can decide how much of your profit goes to charity from 1% to 90%. will also donate 1% to charity ourselves from successful raffle fees. Why? Because as a platform we hope we can, together with our users, help causes make a difference. We give a choice of charities for you to donate to which span a variety of causes.